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  • Master Shingles

    The Master tile, thanks to the unique double-layer overlay, offers a pleasant embossed effect, enhanced by 8 precious shades of colour, which ensure a perfect integration of the environment.

  • Waterproof Coating

    IMPERTEXSA An acrylic copolymer-, long-lasting- and elasticity-based elastic and waterproof coating.

  • 200L Thinner Drum

  • cellulose thinner

    Fleetwic Cellulose Thinner

  • Powder Waterproofing Cement


    POWLOG is a high quality, water-repellent powder admixture used for water and damp proofing in plaster, screed and concrete applications.


    Fields of Application

    • Suitable for interior and exterior plaster and screed applications,
    • In wet volumes such as bathroom, kitchen, balcony etc.
    • In prefabricated and precast building elements,
    • In basements, cesspool, gallery, foundation, curtain wall,
    • In water and waste water tanks,
    • In water treatment plant,
    • In pools.


    Features and Benefits

    • Provides heat economy by protecting concrete from wetting.
    • Non-corrosive. Protects the iron rebar found in the building structure from rust and decay.
    • Non-toxic. Safely used into the water tanks.
    • Water vapor permeable. It allows the building to breath.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Does not harm for human health and environment.


    Application Procedure

    Application Method

    Fresh cement and POWLOG must be mixed firstly. Then, sand aggregate are poured into the powders. Water is slowly added into the powder mixture at finally. All ingredients are mixed until homogenous mixture is obtained.



    1 bag (50 kg) of cement required 1 Package (500 g) of POWLOG.

  • XPS Insulation Board

  • PP Fiber 18mm

  • Glass Fiber Mesh

  • 18mm Marine Plywood

    2.4 x 1.2 x 18mm Marine Plywood

  • Colours for Cement

    Product Overview
    • Permanent lightfast colours
    • Dispense easily in dry mix
    • Do not impair performance of mix
    • Pastel shades to dark by varying ratio to mix
    • Available in Brick Red, Black, Buff, Russet Brown and Yellow

    Concrete, mortar, render and screed


    1kg, *5kg *25kg (*not available in all colours)

  • Entrainit

    Product Overview
    • Improves workability and adhesion without the addition of lime
    • Minimizes cracking and crazing
    • Complies with BS4887: Part 1: 1986
    • Enables accurate dosing

    Bricklaying and pointing mortars, backing coats, renderings, and blockwork


    5.25kg bucket containing 250 sachets, 3kg and 12.5kg


    21g per 25kg cement

  • Water Seal

    Product Overview
    • High-performance waterproofer that penetrates deep below the surface
    • Forms water resistant barrier in a single coat to protect against rain, damp and frost
    • Increases life of brick, stone, concrete, render and terracotta

    Can be used on brickwork, cement renderings, asbestos, cement, cast concrete, roughcast, stone work, limestone, wood, and leather


    5 Liters, 25 Litres


    2 – 4m2 per litre